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Maddie the Two Eyed Monster


Maddie the Two-Eyed Monster is a graceful and delighting toy for dogs who love to tug and chew. The entire toy is ideal for chewing, and it can withstand the sharp canines of your pooch. The upper body is manufactured with hard-wearing fabric and is stuffed with hollow fibre for making it light in weight. Also, the hollow fibre stuffing protects the teeth of your pet from getting damaged. The legs are dangly and are made with robust ropes. These ropes can bear a great force whenever your pet tugs the toy. Danish Design has used everything of top-notch quality without any compromise to ensure that your dog gets full enjoyment. Maddie the Monster comes with a built-in squeaker that squeaks loudly whenever your pet crushes it.

Additional Features
· Made with a range of textures
· Sturdy rope
· Lasts longer
· Comes with a squeaker

Weight 0.5 kg

Danish Designs




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